Recreational and leisure opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled people.


A clean and reliable water supply for orphans in northern Uganda.

new homes

New homes for impoverished families in Addis Ababa.

The Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust

The Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust was established in 1996 by Sir Maurice and Lady Hilda Laing. The Trust has a specifically Christian focus and most grants are made to or through faith-based organisations. The Trustees have identified three main areas of interest:

Advancement of the Christian Religion
Included in this category are:
  • evangelistic activities that spread the gospel message in the UK and overseas
  • promotion of high quality religious education, from primary school to postgraduate level
  • theological, ministerial and lay training
  • projects designed to promote Christian ethics and family life, especially among young people.
Relief of Poverty in the UK
A particular emphasis is placed on projects in which the Christian faith is being manifested through practical action to help those in need. Support is offered to projects run by churches or Christian organizations to help:
  • disadvantaged children
  • the homeless and the unemployed
  • the elderly and the disabled
  • prisoners and ex-offenders
Relief of Poverty Overseas
Particular areas of interest include:
  • work with children in need and/or ‘at risk’, particularly those living on the streets, and work to prevent the exploitation of children
  • work to improve basic education of women and the quality of reproductive and primary health care
  • Christian responses to the problem of HIV/AIDS
  • education of children in Africa

In 2012 the Trust made grants totalling £3,068,996. Grants typically range between £1,000 and £25,000, although the Trust has the capacity to make a few larger grants each year. As they work towards spending out by the end of 2020, the Trustees will be looking to make a significant investment in a small number of organisations working in their priority areas of interest. Applications for these funds will be by invitation only, although the reactive small grants programme will continue.


Peter Joseph Harper (Chairman)
Andrea Jane Currie
Paul Michael van den Bosch
Simon David Martle
Sir Ewan William Harper
Charles William David Laing
Stephen John Haines Ludlow

Charity Number: 1058109

The Foundation's latest annual report and accounts can be viewed on the Charity Commission's website.