Kirby Laing Room

The Kirby Laing Room at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The Kirby Laing Foundation

The Kirby Laing Foundation was established in 1972 by Sir Kirby Laing. The Foundation supports a wide range of charities both in the UK and abroad, reflecting his personal interests and concerns and those of the Trustees. Areas of particular interest to the Trustees include:

In 2012 the Foundation made 90 grants totalling £2,504,700. The trustees are embarking on a planned programme of spend out, during which they will be looking to identify a small number of partners, working within their priority areas of interest, in whom a significant investment on the part of the Foundation might make a real and lasting difference. Applicants should note access to these funds will be by invitation only, although the Foundation’s reactive small grants programme will continue.


David Eric Laing (Chairman)
Rev. Charles Edward Burch
Frederick Terence Wyndham Weller Lewis
Simon Webley

Charity Number: 264299

The Foundation's latest annual report and accounts can be viewed on the Charity Commission's website.