Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To which Trust or Foundation should I apply?

The Laing Family Trusts are run on a co-ordinated basis and an application to one is treated as an application to all. Unless you feel that your application is particularly suited to one particular Trust you should address it to the Laing Family Trusts as a group; the staff will then assign it to the most appropriate Trust.

When should I apply?

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.

How often do the Trustees meet?

The Trustees of each of the four Trusts meet on a regular basis, usually quarterly. There are no formal deadlines for submitting applications.

How much should I ask for?

We advise applicants to set out the total project cost and allow the Trustees to find their own level within this; they will rarely fund a project in full. Grants awarded may be for specific items within the budget or a general contribution towards the overall cost.

Will my application be acknowledged?

No, the volume of applications means that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of each individual application.

How long before I am informed if my application is successful?

Applications are dealt with in order of receipt and we aim to inform you of the outcome by letter within 4 months. You may receive a phone call prior to this should we require any further information in order to enable us to assess your application.

Why was my application unsuccessful?

Unless your application falls within the list of exclusions, it will be given careful consideration. The Trustees take a range of considerations into account when assessing applications eg. impact of previous grants, cost-effectiveness, future sustainability of the project, the viability of the fundraising plan etc. However, the Trusts are very over-subscribed and it is simply not possible to offer funding to all applicants.

How long before I can apply again?

Applicants are advised to allow at least 12-18 months before re-applying following an unsuccessful application.